as a fan, i’ve always loved players who run towards the crowd and kiss their badge. i’m a sucker for it and always found myself loving those players more than the rest. jorg albertz, aaron hughes and robbie keane to name just a few!!

and i guess in church stuff over the years, i’ve always found myself more drawn to those people who wear their hearts on their sleeves abit more than most. those people i’ve described as the passionate ones! perhaps, even arrogantly describing myself as more passionate than other folks in my church or area.

but more recently, i’ve been coming to an awareness that passion isn’t always an outward emotion. instead it’s a heart attitude. something that’s sometimes displayed on the outside, but at other times not. something that is seen through our whole lives. and i’ve also been realising that i’m so much less passionate than other folks in my church or area.

it’s been refreshing and eye opening to chat to folks recently who have a deep passion for God to move in their church or in their situations. most of these folks aren’t heart on your sleeve type people but i’ve always left desiring more of their passion to be evident in my life. it’s been a humbling experience.

to be honest, it’s been a tough enough road in church over the past few months. but in the midst of struggles, disagreements and hurt, i’ve continued to see passion in the lives and in the hearts of many people who inspire me to greatness for God. sometimes i’ll want to show this by wearing my heart on my sleeve. but all the time i want this passion to be shown in how i deal with people, in how i speak to friends, in how i pray alone and in my hidden desires.

i suppose it’s a bit like Roy Keane. as a player he was ferocious, like an animal on the pitch. kissing the badge. crazy tackles. he gave everything for his team and was described as a passionate player.

now as a manager there’s none of the heart on sleeve stuff from Keane. but there is still a deep passion to succeed, i guess it’s just shown in different ways.

that’s not to say that i don’t still love seeing people’s hearts displayed through their emotions. but i guess it’s just acknowledging that passion means much more than what i see. may our passions pervade our whole lives…