there’s something i love about people from different backgrounds, places, jobs, classes, sexes and ethnicities, coming together and uniting their voices in song. there are few places where this is more obvious than football matches. i love it!

on saturday, i sat in a crowd of almost 40,000 people where i knew only 1 other person in the whole place. and yet, within minutes i was joining my voices with theirs in song. there felt like was a common bond. got chatting to the bloke beside me as well like we’d known each other for years as we freely shared our thoughts and opinions.

there have also been times in my life when i’ve experienced this in a church building. agreeing with each other about the things were singing. joining through our common bonds. these are special times and have formed a huge foundational part of my relationship with God.

i’ve even had the privilege of standing at the front of these times and choosing what songs to sing. some call that role a ‘worship leader’, though i prefer the term ‘lead worshipper’. you may call that pedantic but there’s a subtle difference…

anyway, due to this role, sometimes people have asked me ‘why do we sing in church?’ occassionally i’ve been tempted to answer with really spiritual sounding answers about God meeting us in the midst of it. but the reality is that God wants to meet us in every moment, so why do we sing?

well recently i’ve been reminded of how the songs we sing help us to connect to special moments in our lives. like…

The Potter’s Hand – the night i became a Christian
Summer of 69 – teenage years and school friendships
Everything by Lifehouse – the desire to give more of my life over to my Creator
Away in a Manger – HEALY!

i think capturing moments like this are really important for our lives. and it’s something we must do within the church. whether we like or not, as Christians, we are part of a singing faith. one that has used songs throughout the generations to mark and capture significant parts of history. and this is a tradition we must continue as part of the worldwide, multi-generational Church of Jesus Christ. and that’s why i’ll keep dedicating time to being part of this…