sarah produced for me her best Christmas present to date. she shot up even more in my estimations on Christmas Eve 2007 when she told me that she’d bought us tickets for a spurs match in london. epic.

thankfully i didn’t need to wait too long for the match and we flew out yesterday morning. it was such a good day and it was great to share it with sarah. i know girls don’t typically do football, and i suppose she’s not the hugest fan either in the world, but i appreciate her sacrifices, even agreeing to watch the re-run on match of the day later!!

in fact the whole day was great…

an early breakfast in wetherspoons, walking round the stadium, buying sarah a spurs shirt, a dodgy and greasy lunch in the hotspur cafe (!), the match itself, all the random photographs, sarah getting near enough stripped searched at random by the anti-terrorism branch, the result, all the walking, the meat platter i had for dinner, the random questions game, the nice relaxing late night dessert, match of the day, sleep.

times like that are special memories………..oh, did i say that spurs won?!

the match got me thinking about community singing. will blog about that next i think. and maybe throw some photos of the day up too if your not too bored with it already!!