i’ve had a thought rattling about in my head for ages about living in community with each other as believers. not just meeting up for 1 hour or 1 evening a week but sharing your life with a few folks in a community of believers all based in 1 localised place.

maybe its that as i’ve moved out of home this year i’ve got just a tiny glimpse of natural community. and i think i like it.

sharing life together in each other’s homes. reaching out to those around us together. food together. praying together. laughing together. helping one another together.

it’s been cool doing some of this with the guys in my house. and some of the other folks next door and on our street too. i feel i’ve been sharpened by those around me in the last few months. i’ve also discovered a bit more about myself in the process.

but someone told me this week that the earliest apostles model of sharing their lives and possessions together didn’t work – that’s why it wasn’t continued by the disciples who came next. he also said it was idealistic. but i wasn’t so sure. is it cos were so individualistic in our society? or maybe too selfish? or consumed with comfort?

i donno…but there’s definitely parts of community life that i’m attracted to. i’m inspired by a couple of my friends’ recent decision to take the step of moving into one of the most underprivileged estate in his town. they’ve both been trying to reach out into this area for a while now, but what better way to influence others than to live with them. beside them. across the street from them. in community with them.

infiltrating in order to influence. bringing the presence of Jesus there by being a presence there. and there are others around me are thinking similar thoughts for similar areas.

obviously, as with everything, dangers would exist here of becoming too comfortable or inward looking as a community and failing to meet or even notice the needs of those around you on the fringes of your community or local area. but maybe one day questions will change from “so what church do you go to?” to something like “where are your community of believers based?”

mere wonderings…