it’s been all over the news this week that things in Kenya have taken a turn for the worse. disputed elections. almost a million refugees. violence causing the loss of hundreds of lives. churches being attacked and burned. it sounds awful…

so imagine my shock when i woke up this morning with a text message from Kenya sitting in my inbox.

over the past few years, i’ve had the privilege to be involved in a couple of CD projects. the aim was to capture some live worship music, fairly raw and real, and give it out as a free gift to people in every place we led worship, and also as we played some music on the streets from time to time. incredibly, these have gone far and wide with loadsa stories of how God has used our simple efforts.

and so a couple of years after recording one particular album, i receive a text message from a bloke in Kenya telling me that our CD had reached him and was encouraging him so much at the moment.

for me, it was an incredible reminder that God is at work in every single country in the world. and He is wanting to bless and uplift His people in all corners of our globe. and also that He doesn’t abandon the hopeless and helpless situations, instead He is right there in the midst of it doing His thing.

perhaps, like me, it’s also a reminder for you to pray for this desperate situation. and to stand in the gap for our brothers and sisters over in Kenya…