I was speaking at ‘Network’ in my church last night – a community of 20’s and 30’s based around home groups, who come together every 6 weeks for worship and teaching.

As I was thinking about what I wanted to share this Christmas time, I was really struck with how God appeared at the burning bush. He described the ground Moses was standing on as holy. Yet it was just some desert. Some dirt. It was holy because God was now there.


And that reminds me of what happened at the first Christmas. Ordinary stables and dirty mangers suddenly become holy as God moves into the neighbourhood. God invaded the dirt.

And He still does today.

Our workplaces can become Holy ground if we allow God to invade and inhabit. Our homes can become Holy ground if we ask God to make His dwelling among us. Our messy situations can become holy ground as we invite God to come and stand with us in the midst of them. Our rugby teams – potential Holy ground. Our friendship groups – potential Holy ground.

And I’m encouraged that it doesn’t have to be the best situation before God will inhabit it. Because He’s the God who invades the dirt. 

Deserts. Stables. Mangers.

Offices. Friendships. Families.

This Christmas, I’m inviting God to invade my dirt…