my housemate Kyler just told me something he read today. he says that apparantly Bethlehem only had around 150 residents at the time Jesus was born! i mean, that’s the amount of people live in my estate!! ridiculously small.


the word ‘close’ has really grabbed hold of me over the past few days. as thoughts inevitably get turned towards Christmas it has really struck me like never before how phenomenal and incredible it is that Almighty, all-powerful God, Creator, Holy God came close at the first Christmas.

the God who hid behind the burning bush that forced moses to take off his shoes. the God whose face couldn’t be looked at directly and came to Sinai in a cloud. the God who could only be met behind the curtain by one man offering a blood sacrifice once a year. the God whose eyes are like fire and feet like bronze. the God who breathed stars 300,000 times earth into existence with just a sentence.

this God came close. he arrived in the neighbourhood. he wore clothes. his feet got dirty. he carved wood that He had called into being thousands of years earlier. he hung out with fishermen and fraudmen. he stopped with the outcast and oppressed.

that’s how close He came. and that’s how close He still comes today. God invaded earth. and He still does today.

this Christmas, more than anything, i want to experience more of this closeness in everything i do as the extraordinary continues to brush closely with the ordinary. as the miraculous stoops to rub shoulders with the mundane.

i’m so thankful that God came close. and that He still does today.