kinda gutted by the result last night, but not too much as i never really expected us to do it…apart from in my dreams of course! and that dream is over…for now anyway!!

speaking of dreams for Northern Ireland, i’ve been hearing lots about a huge evangelistic project coming over the next few months and just wanted to share abit about it. it’s called Celebration of Hope…


before sharing this i have to be honest that i’ve begun to shy away from direct evangelistic events recently. probably this is a direct reaction against past experiences…

:: numbers games
:: forced or fake environments that give a false reflection on the nature of how we do church
:: so much energy, time, effort and money pumped into 1 night, with little time spent on discipleship, relationships and building true community
:: the Christian version of a 1 night stand, which lasts a moment but robs us of the potential of something deeper and more beautiful
:: evangelism as a method rather than pervading through every part of our lives

but i think this is why i love the Celebration of Hope event so much. because it seems to be none of the above, but rather a process rather than a project. it’s a 6 month journey rather than a 6 hour jolt. as well as this, it just seems a really good thing for the kingdom right now. something to help people be intentional about sharing Jesus through their lives.

there are lots of significant points on the run up to a big weekend of events from Friday 4th – Sunday 6th April in the Odyssey Arena. i’m especially excited about the youth side of things, with a big youth event planned on the saturday night of this weekend…

in the 6 months leading up to this night, young people all across the country are being encouraged to be intentional about praying for their friends, being open about their faith and then bringing folks on the night. there will be a huge youth prayer event in the waterfront in january to spark this into life, as well as a 4 week course designed to encourage young people to reach their friends.


for me, this has been a reminder to not throw the baby out with the bath water. it has restored my faith in how much God can use these type of evangelistic events and initiatives to build His Kingdom. i’m excited!!

check out the website at