got into belfast on saturday afternoon to meet up with the boys from the Lough Shore Northern Ireland Supporters Club for our usual matchday afternoon. i’d only stepped off a plane in dublin at midday so i was just happy to be there.

the weather was shocking though and as we entered the ground an hour before kick off we heard news that the pitch had just failed an initial inspection. surely not. but after much debate between the officials, the match was given the go ahead. we’re so happy it did!

many described it as the most important game at home for 22 years. rumours suggested it was the last competitive game ever at windsor park. we probably won’t qualify for the european championships but for me this was the biggest football match i’d ever been to. it was our world cup final!

as usual, the atmosphere was awesome, i think i was hoarse before the match even started. for me, nights at windsor just get better and better. due to our block booking and travels away we have got to know the guys who sit around us, as well as other fans from all over the place. every windsor night feels like a real community. i love it. even when we conceded the first goal, as usual the singing began straight away.

for me, supporting my team over the last 15 years has always been about getting behind your team no matter what. in the 3 years when we didn’t score a goal. in all the time following them and never been in with a chance of qualifying. while losing to armenia, canada and latvia. i think that’s what makes the good times all the sweeter. england take note.

we may well do the business against spain on wednesday night, but other results won’t go our way and so it will just be the memories that endure, the lasting conversations of “I was there” and the questions from the grandkids of “did you every see david healy play?”

did i what?! roy of the rovers reads david healy comics!!