i’m at a bible conference in france at the minute so tapping into some foreign french wireless system to blog!

just feel so humbled. i’m surrounded this week with lots of heroes of the faith. out of the 40+ SU staff workers here from all over europe, i am definitely the youngest, and i’m just counting it as such a privilege to be here, listening to stories, perspectives and approaches from older, wiser and God-lier people who understand the context i work in. i mean, just sitting at meal times is inspiring!

i’m especially drinking in the Bible teaching from Bob Ekblad at this conference, who has written a book with the rather interesting title of “Reading the Bible with the damned”. in the book, and indeed this week, he’s exploring a very simple bible study method that he has used to great effect in north american prisoners. i highly recommend the book, it’s been a huge challenge to me as to how much i’m really opening up the Bible and allowing young people to engage with God through it.


so it’s got me thinking…

who is really opening up the Bible with young people today? i mean, really engaging with it, and not just referring to verses to help our nice oral presentations.

and who in our nation at the minute are facilitating bible studies for those who are not yet following Jesus? for the rugby team in school? or the young mums in the estate?

or is the bible just something for discipleship and those who make a commitment? is the bible then something we suddenly chuck at new believers as an instruction manual for their new found faith?

and how are we helping young people engage with the bible in relationship and in community? wrestling with the issues, listening for God’s voice together, bringing fresh insights and encouraging each other to live it out…

have we lost confidence in God’s word as a living, transformational book and instead attempt to dress it up in entertainment to make it more relevant? (as if it isn’t relevant already?!)

how can we better share the ancient stories of our faith? those that expand our vision and view of the God of abraham, isaac, jacob and moses?

any answers??