yesterday was dave’s funeral service. it was beautiful.

think i’d been a bit confused about everything over the last few days. upset over dave’s death. also gutted to see people i love breaking before your eyes. and i guess adding to that a sense of helplessness too. was struggling to pray about stuff too…

but yesterdays service helped to bring clarity in the midst of that. sometimes my eyes become so well adjusted to earth that i lose sight of the beauty of heaven. but in the midst of death, there was such a greater hope of heaven. and while death and cancer hurt like hell, ultimately Jesus has won a victory over death that can’t be reversed.

“in mansions of glory and endless delight,
i’ll ever adore Thee in heaven so bright!!
i’ll sing with a glittering crown on my brow
if ever i loved Thee my Jesus it’s now!”

you could feel the collective hope in the room. the corporate knowledge that Dave is dwelling in the place Jesus went to prepare for him. awesome!

while it was such an uplifting service, i also found it very draining, and it was tough to leave there and come straight up to bushmills to speak at an SU weekend. it’s going okay so far and i’m just enjoying some chill time now which is lovely.

sitting in starbucks in coleraine watching a preacher dude across the street. reminded about what i wrote a few posts ago. might go over and chat to him…