i’m too busy when i don’t get a chance to hang out with my mates. i think i cram my diary so full sometimes that i don’t get a chance to do the spontaneous things of life. or be able to respond to the needs of others when they arise.

but this week has been refreshingly different from this perspective. i’ve been able to grab coffee with a couple of folks, give others a phone, play a spot of pool

this weekend i’ve been given the gift of time. i was meant to be speaking at an SU weekend but it got postponed at the last minute so suddenly i have a chance to rest and hang out with some folks. last night a few of us went to the circus (if you add this to my last post you’ll think i’m losing it!!) which was great craic. then i slept in this morning, hitting a football match with a mate shortly and then playing in a pool competition tonight with a few guys.

Jesus always knows what is best for us. it says somewhere in the Bible that man plans his steps but the Lord determines his course…and i reckon that’s been fairly true this week. i’m so thankful that God is determining my course. these things are good for me after a busy week in schools. and hopefully they are good for the people i’m with.

i know nothing that i’m doing this weekend sounds too spiritual but i think the whole model of friendship that Jesus modelled out in His time on earth is really significant. spending much time with the 3, sharing life with the 12, seeing the 70 regularly, and then there were the crowds.

think its good to stop every now and again and ask myself if i’m really sharing my life with others? being honest. talking openly. always available. reclining at tables. eating breakfast together. journeying from town to town. teaching. praying. ministering. laughing.