i’ve only cried twice in the cinema before. in sadness when mufassa died in the lion king and out of fear when the big T-rex in Jurassic Park lept out from nowhere i wet my knickers and hid in the arms of my mother.

15 years on from these horrific experiences i found myself in tears while watching a film once more. feel like a girl so i think i owe an explanation!

went to see a film called “Once”. phenomenal story set on the streets of Dublin about a guy following his dream of making music. busking. songwriting. recording.


i’m not sure why it caught me so much but i feel that perhaps God was using it to stir my heart in a couple of ways. it sounds weird but through the film i think i fell in love with this nation once again. i mean without sounding too spiritual, a few years ago i felt God really birth in my heart a passion and desire to be part of building His church in Ireland. that this island was where i was called to minister.

but recently i guess i’ve lost sight of this abit. disappointments have quenched my passion abit. busyness has drained my energy. self-centredness has grabbed my love.

and the film also reminded me of the unique Irish way. relaxed. easy going. unique. creative. and that struck me as something that the church in ireland needs to be like. not so rigid or uniform that we don’t share our faith or our lives naturally with others. or trying to copy or recreate other models of churches that we aren’t true to our context.

but innovative and culturally aware. based more around community than congregations. unique and organic.

so last night i fell more in love with this island and the people in it. and perhaps God was re-birthing in me that pioneering spirit that i’ve lost sight of and been desperately lacking these last few months.

all through a few simple songs. and an even simpler film. here’s a wee clip for you to enjoy…