this is quality. just tapped into a new wireless network that has been set up in next door’s student accommodation so this post is coming from my bed!

anyway…was leading worship at a youth event on sunday night in Ballymena and we wanted to take the focus off the band. we knew the young people coming would be ready and willing to engage with God and wouldn’t need so much front led direction. our prayer is always that we would do our role of leading people in worship effectively, but that He would also quickly help to lift peoples eyes off us at the front. think i’m paranoid sometimes about getting in the way sometimes…but also aware that its not as big an issue in reality as my head sometimes!

but we decided to take the leap on sunday night and setup the band at the back of the hall. so chairs pointing one way with screen and speakers pointing back at them from the front. and just behind the back row of worshippers was the band playing away!

we were worried about doing because maybe people wouldn’t engage as well, or be distracted, or be less focused, or turn their heads all night, or find it all a bit too bizarre.

as if. it was amazing. a truly liberating experience as we were all freed to focus on Jesus. it was freeing for me as i didn’t have to worry about people looking at me or how i was looking when i was singing or anything like that.

but it was also immensely humbling realising that 300 or so young people were caught up in praise and worship, without the need for anyone stepping out in front of them. and it was absolutely nothing to do with us. i mean, it never really is, but this time it was obvious and noticeable!

i don’t recommend this in every worship context but certainly something to perhaps model out again and stress the point that the Holy Spirit leads worship, and we just assist by playing our small little tiny roles. maybe something to think about in your church, youth group or school SU…