after a month preparing in the office, i’m now tearing away into schools full time. one part of my role is to do some training with different SU committees all over the country. i love this. it almost feels strategic to be helping pupils step out into the role of leadership in their schools, and listen to them as they try and shape the year ahead, dreaming of how they can make a difference.

i love my job. it’s amazing to get to do something every single day that you enjoy and makes you feel alive. and i count it a privilege to be able to get to meet and share with young people every day.

but i think i went into this job with the perception that i could maybe teach these young people something. however, i’m learning more and more every day from the young people that i’m meeting, speaking with and hearing insights from. i love that about God.

too often in my mind i’ve dismissed certain places and certain people. written them off. had a negative view of them. chosen to focus on the flaws rather than recognise the beauty of God pervading through them.

but i’m learning more and more that the Divine speaks through the mundane. the Extraordinary is seen through the ordinary. and so today i’m reminded to listen for and look for God in every person i meet and every place i go.

God, tune my ears and eyes to see your beauty in everything You have made. inspire me daily in the things i do and in the people i meet.

right, i’m off to the footie…