“whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.” Jesus in matthew 16:25

can’t seem to shake this statement off my mind over the last couple of weeks. always been puzzled by it and not sure i fully grasp it yet…

but could it be that we try to play it far too safe with our lives? with our faith? with our salvation? do i try and cling to tightly to my life? my faith? am i prepared to sacrifice more?

maybe i’ve got it wrong, but this teaching from the bible hints to me that those who try and play it too safe with their lives and faith, could ultimately lose what they are trying to keep. while those who are prepared to put everything on the line to follow Jesus will actually discover and find new life…a life to the full.

what a crazy statement and amazing paradox. and i’ve been trying to earth it recently…

i’ve often falling into the trap of playing it too safe. can’t go there because it will damage my faith. shouldn’t hang out with those people as it will influence my life too much. won’t risk that as i like my life the way it is thanks very much.

but this teaching from Jesus suggests that i need to be willing to put things on the line, in order to follow Him in the things and places and people He leads me to. that there are no safe zones in living this life of faith. that salvation is far from a life of safety because of what is to come, but rather a life of risk because of what were a part of.