i’m such a bad patient. and i’m a bit of a moaner when i’m ill. been laid low a fair bit of this week with a heavy cold and chest infection. some call in man flu. i think its a bit more serious!!

think the world of full time work has hit me already! must get into a regular rhythm of rest. learning about prioritising time already!

talking of rhythms, i moved house last month to live abit closer to work. moved in with a couple of mates up in whiteabbey and its been a really positive change, bringing with it a fresh rhythm. i think the reason i struggled so much towards the end of the summer was that i was totally out of routine. no regular times of anything important in my life really.

but now there’s times of community, every monday morning off to sleep and rest, a regular rhythm of reading my bible. really enjoying it!

still sick tho…did i mention that earlier?!