we put labels on so many people. so many things.

student. consultant. immigrant. doctor. traveller. business man. minister. youth worker.

cool. boring. graduate. retired. old. young.

but these labels can be dividing, damaging and restricting. dividing when others don’t fit with that name. damaging when our identity is caught up in what we do. restricting when others can’t be part of that label.

and its the same for our churches.

reformed. charismatic. evangelical. traditional. social action. presbyterian. catholic.

if we speak in tongues were charismatic. or if we agree with calvin were reformed. if we use liturgy were traditional

but Jesus didn’t use any of these words. He asked us to make disciples of ALL nations. nothing dividing, damaging or restricting about that.

so who are you today? when you drop the labels and the titles, who are you? who has God created you to be?

and me, when i drop the identity of being a schools worker, or a worship leader, or a speaker…who am i? what is my identity founded in?…or WHO is my identity founded in?