was away camping part of this weekend with my BB and we took them to church on the sunday morning.  we do this every year.  i suppose part of the outreach of bringing them into church so its not so alien for them all.  we also have a church service or 2 for them to attend throughout the year.

but on sunday i was thinking to myself that sometimes these services have a harmful effect on these kids.  alienating them further.  creating a false picture of what a relationship with Jesus looks like.  boring them.  turning them off church…and maybe even Jesus. many of the kids hated it, and won’t be rushing back to church in a while.

its got me thinking about how we can better present Jesus in these corporate ways.  and how can we make church more accessible for those who have no time for Jesus?  should we even bother gathering loadsa people together at one time to tell them this great news, or should the message be shared in a much more personal way?  meaningful relationships.  trusted words.  suited to the context.

i’ve no answers yet but the cogs are in motion regarding this one.  perhaps Paul shared my frustrations…

“I have no praise for you, for your meetings do more harm than good.”
1 Corinthians 11:17b

thanks for your comments to my last post.  still feeling much the same in some ways but taking this week very easy.  played golf & snooker, had lunch and went to the gym with some of my mates today which was really nice to do.  tomorrow i’m going to sleep for a while in the morning and then take a bit of time reading my bible.  i’ve missed that recently.  often a couple of quick chapters isn’t enough for me.  God speaks to me loads when i read the bible so i’m looking forward to hearing His voice in that way.