I’m involved this week in a huge project called Spark 07 in Ballymena. It’s really exciting to see over 150 young people from the Ballymena area come together for the purpose of serving God and serving people in this community.

I would really encourage you to pray for this week as 19 teams of young people will work across 7 areas of Ballymena. Every morning they will gather to worship and hear God’s word together. Then in the afternoons the teams will be out doing various practical projects to serve people in the communities, while there will be several different events each evening.

We had our training day and commissioning event yesterday, and to be honest it was a bit of a dream for me to see God’s people from over 50 churches come together for this. Our tag line is “Uniting / Loving / Being” and those 3 words help sum up what Spark 07 will be all about!

PS – You can check out the Spark 07 prayer blog at to guide you in your praying!