watched a bit of football tonight with a mate who’s been away for the last month. was a super night. good match but more than, it was probably one of our most open chats ever. we spent hours chatting about everything from football to our faith and it felt so comfortable and free.


this mate has been away on a football coaching trip to the states for a few weeks, but it seems to have impacted him in a really positive way, as he chatted with a passion that i’ve never really heard in him before! God is at work all the time!

more and more I’m realising how God is leading me to spend more time with people. more than leading worship in large places, or speaking at big events, or organising massive outreach weeks, Jesus is calling me to journey alongside some people.

mates. young musicians. those who are hurting and broken. my grannies. someone who could do my job better than me in the future.

so that means this year there may be more meals, frappacinos and football matches, but as I build and work on some meaningful relationships I pray that I can be a Christ-like influence upon each of these lives, aware that God will teach me more through each of them than I could possibly ever pass on to them.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

remind me to tell you tomorrow about my new DJ-ing mate…reckon you’ll find it quite funny!