I’m about to embark on an extremely hectic but exciting summer and so it was so good to get away to London for 3 days last week and relax abit before the onslaught ahead!! Went to the tennis at Wimbledon for a couple of days and, while it meant sleep deprivation due to getting up at 5.30am both mornings to queue, it was so refreshing to sit somewhere and not have to worry about stuff, enjoy peacefulness and beauty that was surrounding, grab some quality time with friends and Sarah…and most of all, turn the phone on silent and not return calls or texts for a few days!!

I’m coming to realise more and more how we all need times away from it all. Withdrawal. Whatever that means for each of us.

For me throwing the phone away is a great start. And being away from emails. And being with people who I can enjoy being myself with.

For you it might mean a long walk. A good read. A DVD. A nice meal. Being with someone you care about.

And in those times I often find my soul becoming still and the sound of the gentle whisper becoming louder. It’s important to quiet the voices that distract and cloud, to bring myself to a place of rest and Sabbath and silence. And that starts with withdrawal…

11 times in the Bible we read of times when Jesus withdrew from the situations He was in to find rest, peace and fuel for the next stage of the journey. What an example…