i was having a conversation with a few folks from my church tonight about how we could better reach out into our local community. it was fascinating stuff, not to mention so exciting and bursting with potential…

the conversation came round to creating environments for people that would keep them out of the pubs (not young people but generally). i think this is great and necessary and something i would endorse…but all the time the following questions were running through my head:

“why don’t we all just go to the pub and integrate, infiltrate, be a presence and build relationships there?”
“why can we not bring light to people, rather than always asking them to come to the light?”
“why always create our own little subcultures instead of engaging with the dominant culture?”
“can the presence of Jesus inside us and our Christ-like actions not affect the environment of a pub or bar?”
“why do we always want people to come to our turf? can we not share the message of Jesus with people in our conversations in the pub or sports club?”

any answers or thoughts welcome…

NB: This is not a post for under 18’s to use as an excuse for their weekend activities. I don’t recommend breaking the law as the best way to engage with culture…