I feel privileged that in my job I get to open up the Bible on a regular basis with young people. Not some stuffy book or endless rules or regulations, but a conversation with God. His words before us. His heartbeat. His whispers.

So as I begin to look towards next year, I’m asking questions as to how best I can help young people engage with God through this amazing book on a regular. And recently, due to stuff I’ve been reading, conversations I’ve been having and some reflecting I’ve been doing, I’ve been coming to realise how we treat the Bible in such an individualistic.

When God first inspired these words they were meant to be read and understood in community. Not just about me and my life. But about our church. Our situation. Our community.

So why is it that we’ve reduced this into an activity that we do on our own with the door closed? Where are all the conversations about how God is shaping our lives through this book? Are we discussing this book and getting to grips with it among our friendship groups and churches? Or is it just a book for you to use, separated from your realities and the rest of your life…

If so, then how can we better put this book back where it belongs? In community.

I would love to hear your thoughts…