Was involved on saturday at the SU Training Day for this summers Camps and Missions. Was a really rich day and a privilege to be a part of. I love anything that brings people together from such a variety of walks of life and the fact that the whole day was about equipping these people for mission made it even better for me!!

So a guy Paul Flavel was speaking and one of his talks really grabbed me. He spoke of how God’s Kingdom has:

1. An Ideal (Eden – God in communion with man in a perfect world)
2. An Ordeal (Jesus’ life and death)
3. A New Deal (The new eternal heaven that God is preparing for His bride)

Each of our lives have these 3 things. Each of our callings contain these 3 seasons. I see them so clearly in my life. I guess I dream of the ideal so often, then go through the struggles and ordeals to see that come to fruition. But my prayer today is that there would be new deals that arise from the ideals and the ordeals that would be used to build this amazing and eternal Kingdom of God!