The comma (,) has always interested me. Mainly because it always tells me that something more is coming. A full stop seems quite definite, but a comma speaks of more…

I suppose a comma is coming in my life over the next couple of months. Some of you know about it. Some of you don’t so allow me to explain!

At the end of this summer I’m going to be stepping away from the leadership team of Worship Ireland. This has been a really difficult decision because for me the last 3 years in this line of ministry has been some of the most special of my life. The term ‘Worship Ireland’ to me represents so many friends, memories, joys, privileges and special moments. To have been involved in something from its conception and to have been a part of the amazing journey is something I thank God for every day and I’m gutted that I’ll be walking away from all this soon.





But for me its been fairly clear that God is drawing this season to a close and opening a new chapter of my life which contains just as many excitements, dreams, opportunities and privileges as the last one has. I’m content in the way He’s leading me and liberated by the sense of freedom to pursue new things that this provides.

I’m taking up a full time job with Scripture Union in September, to be a Secondary Schools Worker all over Northern Ireland. I also hope to use some of the spare evenings that this offers to begin chasing some kingdom dreams God has been placing upon my heart, as well as spend some more quality time with friends and those closest to me in life. I’d love to continue leading worship in my own time, but we’ll wait and see what opportunities (if any!) come my way!

And so, as you can see, it’s not a full stop. Just a comma. A fresh direction. Something more. New opportunities.

In everything I do I desire to follow Jesus and become more like Him. I want to honour God with every aspect of my life. I long to be a faithful son, brother, mate and boyfriend. I pray I can equip and empower other to live all of their lives for Jesus. I seek to breathe His life and hope into dead situations.

the comma is coming…,