At a friends house last night we started doodling on a sketchboard thingy and ended up having a conversation centred around the images that we drew, reading into each symbol and using it to describe stuff in our lives.

I hate art because I’m rubbish at it but this conversation was fascinating and, while it began as a bit of banter, actually sparked me big time! It’s amazing how simple symbols and lines can be used for  that defined my relationship with God, or spoke of my ministry, or reminded of stories from the Bible. It’s

So much so that I’ve gone and done a few doodles of my own on good old Microsoft Paint. You’ll realise I’m no artist but below are 6 different images. I challenge you to look at them all.

Do any of them sum up your walk with God right now? Or your journey of faith? If so, how?

here we go…

1. waves


2. spiral


3. line


4. jagged


5. glass


6. bricks/wall