Really challenged by my attitude to money last night. Was leading worship at CFC and Paul Reid was speaking on this subject. Don’t think many of us could nod our heads and say we have this part of lives sorted.

So I’m asking myself a few questions today:

Can I increase my giving?
What projects can I begin to invest in that are of eternal value?
If I am one of the 10% of the world’s richest people then should I be a more thankful person?
Do I complain if my Coke doesn’t arrive at the table on time? (cos that’s what I did last night!!)

It’s not just about that 10% tithe and were sorted. It’s about generosity. But I want to be intentional about where I put my money. I want to invest in lives, people, ministries and projects who will go on and be a huge blessing in the Kingdom of God.