As we led worship on Sunday night a line of one of the songs caught me and I’ve been thinking it through ever since.

“Come have your way among us, we welcome you here Lord Jesus.”

I guess the concept of “welcoming” Jesus has never really struck me before. I think the truth that Jesus is with me in everything can easily become something I take for granted too easily. But instead of just going through the motions every day, I have the awesome opportunity to literally welcome Jesus into my life.

I think we all know the difference between just being in someone’s home and being welcomed into someone’s home. Sometimes it’s that awkward 2 minute stand in a hallway before one of you makes an excuse for having to leave. But other times it’s being ushered into the kitchen for a drink or into the lounge for a soft seat. Now that’s a welcome…

And it’s the same with Jesus. Too often I just assume He’s with me and don’t give it too much thought. Or I don’t truly seek His presence with me in everything I do. And He’s there…but what a difference when we welcome Him into our world…

We’ll chat when were driving in the car together.
I’ll enjoy His refreshing presence in the morning.
The joy I feel when I know Him close beside me will be my strength.
He’ll lift my worries off me when I collapse into bed at night.

So today I welcome Jesus into my world. I invite Him to come and have His way….

And that’s what He longs for. In fact, it’s not really little, tiny us welcoming great, big Him into our small world. It’s more that powerful, almighty God welcomes infantecimal us into His huge plan and beautiful presence, yet narrow way.

“Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast…” John 21:12