Thanks to you all for your thoughts and responses to my worship wars post either by email or comments on the blog. Definitely some helpful thoughts and great contributions. No response from Dan however! 

I agree with Marky when he says worship is an internal thing. It’s seems evident that God cares most about what’s on our hearts. But Ormo is right when he says it does matter what we do externally. 

God cared loads about what happened externally: He cared whether there was justice being shown by those singing, He cared if the poor were being mistreated, He cared if widows were being overlooked. 

But what we do with music is never mentioned by God directly in His word EXCEPT that it should be used to give praise to Him. 

So let’s be people who give glory to God and allow our hearts to be lifted to Him no matter what the musical genre is. Whether its an organ at church or a loud band elsewhere. But above all else, let’s make sure that this worship goes further than the singing and is reflected in the external worship that we offer through our lives: spending time with those closest to us, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, fighting for the oppressed, letting our life song sing of Jesus… 

“Stepping forward, keep us from just singing, stir us into action…”(From “We must go” by Tim Hughes)