I’m about to head off for the weekend so there probably won’t be anymore blogging until Monday. Taking a small Worship Ireland team down to Ballina in County Mayo to work alongside a church there. We’ll be leading music workshops for their young people, some street worship and leading a couple of worship events. Should be cool!

Enjoyed the amazing weather yesterday as I drove to Enniskillen. Was cool to have a couple of hours to chill out on my own in between a couple of school visits, then great to hook up with some of the pupils from Enniskillen Collegiate at the Inter School SU in the afternoon. I spoke at their weekend as was really encourage to see so many young people determined to live for Jesus in everything they did!

Finally, congratulations to Mark Allen for doing so well at the World Snooker Championships.

markallen.jpgHe’s playing in the last 16 this weekend – hope he makes it to the quarter finals. He was in the year beneath me at school and I remember watching him when I used to play down at the snooker club every week. Amazing talent and he deserves his chance!