Half days are amazing…simply because it means I can get a lie in! And I’ve just had one…quality! I’m feeling refreshed after being at the gym last night with a mate, spending some time chatting with my Heavenly Dad, and sleeping for about 10 hours!!!

Today looks like being a really cool day. I’m heading back into my old school, Antrim Grammar, with some of my worship leading buddies (see Buff & Stu below!) to lead a worship afternoon for their Junior and Senior SU Groups.


I love being with these young people in Antrim who are so passionate about Jesus…but their passion is lived out in such a fresh way. There ain’t a religious bone in their body, denomination means nothing to them and they are just themselves. While they falter and stumble – their hearts long to follow Jesus…and that makes me think that God must be smiling down upon them! Will be a pleasure to direct their thoughts upwards and outwards today…yet very humbling too…

Spending tonight with Sarah which should be cool. Think I’ll head to her CU with her then eat some food and hang out together!!

Finally – thanks to those of you who have welcomed me to the blog world. I’m really looking forward to joining your conversations…and even sparking some myself! Ally…nothing like a big build up to pile the pressure on bro!!